Black Friday 2023

Travel / Content Creation Tools:

Anker Wall Charger and Portable Charger Combo (affiliate link)

30% off

I absolutely love this thing it comes with me wherever I traveling. It is highly portable and amazingly versatile, serving as both a wall charger with pass-through charging for all of my devices and a standalone portable charger when detached from the wall.

TomToc Sling (affiliate link)

30% off

I’m a nerd when it comes to bags. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bag. And the Tomtoc sling is a good balance of affordability and functionality. It’s comfortable, the construction feels nice, its durable. It’s one of my new favorite sling bags.

Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit (affiliate link)

20% off

When I travel, and I have a lot of devices, and some hotels don’t have the universal plug, so you need a travel adapter. This is the one I use. It comes with a couple different

Apple AirTag 4 Pack (affiliate link)

19% off

You should already know what this is for. It’s a little more insurance that my bag won’t get lost. Iphone users only sorry android users.

Moft Magsafe Phone Stand (affiliate link)

13% off

This is one of my favorite tools for content creating. Instead of carrying around a tripod like this now I just use this phone stand. It’s mag saf it’s thin and it’s versitile. Fold it open use it as a phone stand and it has a variety of different positions for veritcal and horizontal video.

Miles and Points Tools:

Seats.Aero (affiliate link)

30% off + Giveaways

Intermediate level award search tool

Straight to the Points Premium Award Newsletter (affiliate link)

$10 Off Yearly Subscription

I’m not always actively searching for award space, but my friend Spencer is. He has a great service where he sends out alerts for business class and first class award availability for flights all around the world.