Readers Submitted Recommendations: Korea

I asked my followers on Instagram to share their favorite spots to eat, drink, and things to see in Seoul, Busan, and Jeju in South Korea. After sorting through all the recommendations and adding Kakao/Naver Map links to make planning easier, here is the full list! Thank you to everyone that submitted their recommendation!


Things to Eat & Drink

Myeongdong Market

Myeongdong Kyoja

  • Michelin Star cut noodles and dumplings
  • Two locations ~100 feet from each other, but both serve the same food

Cafe Coin

  • “Good bingsu here”

Namdaemun Market

Isaac Toast

  • Korean breakfast sandwich chain
  • Multiple locations, but “there’s one in Namdaemun near the “famous gate” with usually no line across from the Namdaemun Marriott”

Noryangjjn Fish Market

  • “Korean sashimi and shellfish(the crabs though are kinda overpriced)”

Gwangjang Market

  • Must have
  • kkwabaegi - twisted donuts
  • Yukhoe/ hotteok / bindaetteok

Ahyeondong Ganjang Gejang

  • Marinated crabs

Egg Drop

  • Egg sandwich chain
  • Multiple locations, this location is the highest rated on Kakao Maps

Jungsik Seoul

  • “Nice dinner”


  • Raw marinated crabs

Hyuga Cafe & Yoojung Sikdang

  • Popular for BTS fans

Nangman Gimbap

  • “Simple yet so good”

Hongdae Dakgalbi

Ojeje (Seoul station)

  • “Really good tonkatsu, don’t miss the fried shrimp and also the machal (green) noodles are amazing”

Oreno Ramen

  • “Excellent chicken broth ramen”

Hannam Misu

  • “seafood-centered, individual rooms”

Udon Caden

  • “V good handmade udon”


  • “legit burgers, sometimes there is a line, recommend avoiding 12-1pm”

Born & Bred

  • “Steak omakase (dinner only) OR bbq upstairs OR a la carte in their butcher shop”

Majangdong Tiger

  • French cuisine

Jaha SonMandoo

  • “Handmade dumplings (in soups, fried, etc)”

  • Korean food

Woojung Ddukbokki

  • “In an area known for the concentration of places specializing in ddukbokki that you cook at your table (spicy rice cake stew, that is cooked fresh on a gasburner in front of you); super casual”

Ice cream society

Geumdweji (gold pig) 

  • Korean meat, bbq


  • “Modern Korean, known for their stone rice pots”


  • “cute cafe filled with women doing who knows what all day. Good food and desserts”

Conte de Tulear 

  • “pretty cafe, good mix of Asian and western food”

Sushi Mahn 

  • “Omakase (lunch 120,000won or dinner 230,000 won, sushi bar or room)”

Sushi Tano

  • “Omakase (lunch 70,000won dinner 140,000won)”

Jinmi Pyungyang Naengmyun 

  • “cold buckwheat noodles and dumplings”

Daedo shikdang 

  • “good bbq, steak, don’t miss their kkakdugi fried rice”

Table Ban

  • “Korean home cooking, small but nice and comfortable”

Sanchome ramen

  • “V small space, good ramen”


  • Korean bbq


  • “French patisserie, for coffee or dessert”


  • Dessert/coffee shop

한국술집 안씨막걸리

  • Seafood

Sanchon Temple Cooking

  • “Kim Yun Sik is the owners name - very friendly guy, would love to get his name out!”

Jean Frigo

  • “Fruit Stand Facade to Speak Easy Bar”

Myeonok 강남면옥

  • “simple menu and we ordered a bit of everything galbi jjim (fall off the bone beef short ribs!), nangmyoen (cold noods), and mandu (dumplings) are a must”

Hotel Anteroom Rooftop Bar

  • “19th floor with amazing views of Gangnam and the river (aim to go around sunset for some cotton candy skies 🥰)”


  • “popular restaurant in Myeongdong for soy marinated crabs 🦀 “

Fritz Coffee

  • Multiple locations in Seoul and Jeju

Onion Cafe

Convenience Stores

  • GS and 7-Eleven “so fun to grab snacks from”

Yeongdon ball katsu 

  • “Also a chain but really good!”

Drink Honeycomb Makgeolli

Things to See and Do

Seorae Village

  • French neighborhood

Hongdae & Itaewon

  • Clubbing, bars, nightlife

Express Bus Terminal

  • underground subway Express Bus Terminal
  • "my favorite for women clothes shopping"

Nami Island

  • 2-4 hour drive

Han River by Banpo Bridge

  • “Must have a picnic”

Gyeouri Meomuneun House

  • Samoyed Dog Cafe

Monopoly in Apgujeong

  • Popular with BTS fans

Ikseondong and Insadong

  • Neighborhood/Old Korean House

Olive Young

  • Korean beauty products


  • Several locations

Bukchon Hanok Village

Dongdaemon Plaza

12-Story Daiso

Insadong Traditional district

Garden Morning Calm 

Ganchon Rail bike

Coex Starfield Library

Dotori Caricature

Nike Jordan Stores

Lotte World or Everland

Namsan Seoul Tower

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Hanbok Rental

Baseball game

DMZ Tour of North Korea


Things to Eat & Drink

Magnate Cafe

  • Popular with BTS fans

Jagalchi market

  • “order some live seafood and have them cook it and served to you on the spot”


  • “good bbq and noodles”
  • https://www.해운대암소갈비.com


  • “badamaru abalone house, hole in the wall, best known for abalone porridge and grilled abalone”

Eat Dweaji Gukbap

Eat Milmyeon

Things to See and Do

Sunset sail

  • “Go on a sunset sail! I found it on Airbnb experiences last minute and was my favorite thing in Busan”


  • “Get on a tour with Klook so you don't have to use public transportation”

Shinsegae Centum City Spaland

BIFF Plaza/BIFF Square

Sky Capsule/Sky Railway/Haeundae Blue Line

  • “bring snacks/drinks”

Visit any of the beaches

Haedong Yonggungsa temple

Skyline Luge Busan

Songdo Cable Car

Gamcheon Cultural Village 

Yonggungsa temple

Nurimaru APEC House


Things to Eat & Drink

Snoopy Cafe Farm

Dongmun Market

포도호텔 (Podo hotel)

  • “restaurant - excellent udon, need res”

Any Starbucks

  • “Jeju specific menu items”

Black pork belly & tangerines

  • “Famous foods in Jeju”

Things to See and Do

Seongsan Ilchulbong

  • Sunset hike

Hamdeok beach

더애월 (the aewol)

Osulloc cafe

  • Tea museum

9.81 Park

Hello Kitty Island

Arte Museum

Innisfree Jeju House

Special thanks to everyone that submitted their recommendations!

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