Readers Submitted Recommendations: Taiwan

I asked my followers on Instagram to share their favorite spots to eat, drink, and things see in Taiwan. After sorting through all the recommendations and adding Google Maps links to make planning easier, here is the full list! Thank you to everyone that submitted thier recommendation!

Things to Eat and Drink

Cocktails in Taipei

Addiction Aquatic Development
sushi (cash only)

Wulao Hotpot
“you have to try the ice cream tofu”

Modern French Restaurant
NT$ 6,000 per person, 10 course meal

Din Tai Fung Xinyi Branch
Original Din Tai Fung

Famous deep-fried fish stick snacks

Kavalan Whisky Bar
”This bar in Taipei was cool”

Posino Taipei
”Very cool theme for a casino-style bar where you earn coins for each drink and play table games at the top of every hour”

Roahe Night Market
”get the black pepper buns!”

Smoothie House
Mango ice cream

Chia Te
”Pineapple cakes and green onion nougats. There’s a store front in Songshan or you buy on klook and pick up at airport to bring otw home” - @jennywhereyouat

Hanko 60
Very unique cocktail bar

”Indoor prawn fishing in the city, great place to relax with some beers. The owner shows you the ropes and cooks them up for you after.” - @alqmike

Raohe Night Market
”not as touristy as Shilin. Get the Pepper Pork Buns and try some stinky tofu - deep fried is my fave” - @alqmike

Huashan Creative Park
”cool art collective with great shopping, cafes, and restaurants. Really liked stopping in for a drink at Vinyl Decision, a record store and bar. They take requests” - @alqmike

Lao Shandon Homemade Noodles
”Great beef noodle soup and all their sides were exceptional - don’t sleep on the cucumber and 麻醬涼粉 (cold jelly noodles with  sesame sauce). A cheap, delicious meal” - @alqmike

Tian Jin Onion Pancake
(NT$ 25-55 - green onion pancake)

Chen Gen Zhao Cha
(NT$ 60-75 - breakfast sandwiches, wraps)

甕窯雞 礁溪總店
Brick roasted chicken, a 1-2hr bus ride from Taipei, also stay overnight at a hot spring hotel.

Fu Hang Soy Milk

Happy Dumpling DongFeng Restaurant

Eat ba-wanDumpling that looks like a steamed bun-shaped translucent dough

Eat ai-yu jelly

Eat Taiwanese shaved ice

Eat Beef Noodle soup

Eat Oyster pancake

Eat Ji Pai (Taiwanese Fried Chicken Steak)

Eat Liang mian (Cold  Noodles)

Eat Lu Rou fan (Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl)

Drink Bubble Tea

Things to See and Do

Night Markets

Spirited Away town

Leofoo Village Theme Park
Safari park with zebras, rhinos, and giraffes outside your hotel room ~ $50 Uber ride to the resort from Taipei

Shifen Old Street
Launch lanterns from an old train track

Shifen Waterfall
A well-known cascade waterfall

Guang Hua Digital Plaza
Huge electronic store

Taipei 101
Popular Skyscraper in Taiwan

Around the Tamsui metro station
Northern most MRT station, shops and food near the water

Maokong Gondola
Ride the gondola and eat at one of the tea houses at the top

Xiaolongbao Cooking Class

City Bike Tour

Elephant Mountain Hike

Teapot Mountain Hike

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Celebrated memorial hall with history exhibits surrounded by a large park with fish ponds & gardens.

National Palace Museum
Bustling museum featuring one of the largest collections of Chinese art & artifacts in the world

Sun Moon Lake

Longshan Temple

YangMing National Park

Special thanks to everyone that submitted their recommendations!

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