Redeem the Dream

Your beginners guide earning and redeeming airline miles, hotel points and credit card points for travel

Earning and redeeming credit card points for travel is confusing

This course will teach you how to earn, redeem and maximize your credit card points for travel

Comprehensive Video Curriculum

Explore 5 video chapters, each crafted to provide a solid foundation in earning, redeeming, and optimizing miles and points for your travel goals.

Expert Strategies and Practical Tools

Tips and proven techniques to earn and redeem points efficiently, alongside powerful tools designed to maximize your miles and points potential.

Interactive Downloadables for Enhanced Learning

Access downloadable resources like cheat sheets and templates, empowering you to apply course concepts and plan your future travels with confidence.

What you'll learn...

Chapter 1: Welcome

Get started with an introduction to the course, covering requirements, and an overview of what to expect. Explore the basics of miles and points to set the stage for your journey.

Chapter 2: Earn

Explore a multitude of avenues for accruing miles and points, spanning from credit cards to non-credit card methods, like dining portals, shopping portals, and special promotions. Learn strategies to maximize welcome bonuses and optimize your earning potential for miles and points.

Chapter 3: Redeem

Dive into redeeming your hard-earned points. Learn how to search for award availability, explore various redemption methods, compare your options, and gain practical insights through over a half dozen hotel and flight booking examples.

Chapter 4: Maximize

Discover additional strategies to turbocharge your points earnings and optimize your redemption strategies. Learn how to avoid over-redeeming points and take your skills beyond the basics learned in previous lessons.

Chapter 5: Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning journey and solidify your understanding of key concepts. Recap the course highlights and consider how to apply your newfound knowledge to maximize your travel rewards going forward.

By the end of this course, you will...

Efficiency in Earning and Redeeming

Know the most effective methods for earning and redeeming airline miles, hotel points, and credit card rewards, empowering you to travel smarter and maximize your rewards.

Maximize Your Points Game and Pick The Right Credit Cards

Have the expertise to  earn the most valuable points for your travel goals and confidently select the best credit cards to maximize your rewards potential.

Confidence in Redemption

Gain the confidence to navigate the world of points and miles with ease, knowing you have the knowledge and skills to redeem your rewards efficiently and unlock unforgettable travel experiences.

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Hi, I'm Max your course instructor

I’ve gone from paying to fly economy to seeing the world in first and business class on a dime. I’m a miles and points expert, and I’ve made it my mission to help people go from earning zero miles to flying for less, staying in preferred hotels, and generally living their travel dreams. My passion for affordable travel has made me an expert in maximizing the rewards you can get through miles and points, and I’ve been sharing the passion with people like you for over half a decade. Growing up, my parents brought me to Vietnam every summer, and I LOVED the experience of traveling so much. After college, I knew I wanted to travel more, and I started exploring flight deals, which led me to discover miles and points. I studied everything I could and worked for two years to accrue points so I could travel business class around the world from San Diego to Montreal, Paris, Venice, Milan, Santorini, Dubai, Osaka, and Seoul, eventually making our way back home to San Diego. Without the power of miles and points, I wouldn’t have been able to create this experience, and I wanted to share it with everyone when we got home from that trip. This course is designed to help you search for award availability like a pro and supercharge your path to taking those “trips of a lifetime.” This course will MAXIMIZE how you redeem your airline miles and credit card points!